Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One seriously long day

I can't even fathom going through the details right now, but I need to for good record keeping. It will have to wait. I left the house at 8:03am and returned home at 7:05 pm. And I don't live 3 hours away anymore!! These days usually go so smoothly...but the honeymoon is over. This will be the last day we do the full day of visits. We moved here to be close, so we'll not do more than 2 or maybe 3 on the same day from here on out.

Today's accomplishments:
DS specialist--Check
Eye center--Check

Braska did marvelously, with some understandable rough spots. But she was great overall. And thank God that my mother-in-law came along... what a day.

Details later, probably on Braska's blog in the next few days. Ahhh! And I still haven't talked about our good day yesterday... I'll get there. Sometime soon.


  1. whoa...overload of the medical profession for sure - glad you and Braska made it through!

  2. That's one way to knock them all out! Phew!

  3. I'm sure you don't remember, but your first room was also orchid. It's neat you chose to do Kinlee's room that color, also.
    Enjoyed all of you being here today. Thanks for the fantastic mashed potatoes!!

  4. wow that is alot of appointments. glad braska did so well. I have a question. why so many???? I guess we have never done the ds clinic here because mayson has been so healthy and I hate the thought of her going through a day like that if she doenst have too. we just see her reg ped once a year unless she is sick.

  5. every time I read about your DS specialist and how your care is coordinated I want to move there! Or fly in for appointments at least.

    looking forward to the update.

  6. Goodness, that is a long day! We only did the clinic once when Peanut was born, but I've been thinking about going again now that she's older. We just got a new director at our clinic. I guess things used to be really bad with scheduling and hopes are it will be better now.

    I'm glad things went relatively well for Braska.


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