Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it THAT bad?

It's Thursday. I've not been out of the house since Sunday afternoon. Like not even to the garage. Not even to get the mail.

I need to go to the store...badly. Maybe I'll get to it this afternoon. I guess I have to, actually. Tomorrow is Braska's birthday and some of the fam is coming by for cake and ice cream. We've been out of milk for two days. Pathetic.

I've been fighting off a cold with a nasty lingering cough for a week now. Thankfully Braska hasn't had anything more than a runny nose here or there for an hour or so. She's been great about playing this week, but she's getting bored, I think, and we've read all her books a zillion times. This kid could read books all day! Surprise, surprise...just like her dad once again. At least Kinlee's been behaving. Doing her jigs throughout the day. That is, except in the morning when I'm hacking up a lung. She does not care for such things at all. But can you blame her. What must that sound like on her end??

I suppose I should just concede the state of my house to be what it will be for the next....I don't know...3 to 5 years? I'm so thankful that M's been helping with laundry. Big time.

This afternoon we'll go to the store and we'll straighten up the house. I'm putting it out there. Hold me to it.


  1. I hope you get to feeling better...I have days, weeks, afternoons like what you're describing sprinkled around throughout my life and they are so hard to snap out of...just feel like crawling into a nice dark hole and hibernating.

    good luck with your to-do list, let us know how it goes!

  2. Ack! I hope you feel better soon. And if it MAKES you feel any better. I haven't left (except my failed walk attempt for five minutes) the house either. Take it easy on yourself.

  3. Oh man, I hope the sickies vacate your home soon! That's about the only thing (other than frigid cold temps and no sun) that I really DON'T like about winter= the kids come down with everything under the sun...sigh- good luck with the house cleaning. If anyone hints that it's not up to par, you can always suggest maid service for a Christmas present :) Hang in there- the end is getting closer every day! Can't wait to see Braska's celebration!

  4. aww pregnant and cold is rough stuff. Hope your feeling better. Take it easy and don't feel bad. Do what you can forget the rest.


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