Monday, November 3, 2008

November is here

Fair warning...I'm not all that "with it" so who knows if this will be cohesive or not.

October went fast. I didn't get the whole post-every-day thing, but I did get in 31 total. Does that count for 31 for 21? I'm not going to stress over it, for sure. I did enjoy all the updates from all of you. But there were a few times when I felt posts were below par for my goals with this space. Not the end of the world, of course, but still...

November's going to be a busy one too. Tomorrow's the big day. Election day. I've already voted, thankfully, so that's nice. I can't tell you how happy I will be to not see another campaign ad of any kind. I've been praying often about this whole thing for months. No, that doesn't mean, "God, please don't let him win." That's not it at all. It means asking for peace and patience, as well as understanding that often history shows that nations are given what they ask for, even if it is not what is best overall. Sometimes that means we'll hurt for a while before we realize what is truly important. As a country, this could be a tough time. Honestly, it could be tough with either party winning. My hope is above all that we will realize that we are each accountable for our actions and choices. We live in a great country! And that is one thing, I don't have any desire to *change.*

After election day, we'll be looking toward our 8th wedding anniversary, my sister Julia's 13th birthday, my parents' 38th anniversary, Braska's 2nd birthday, a full day of appointments at Children's (7 hours, 7 appointments, one day), and finally Thanksgiving. Throw in 12 therapy appointments, 2 playgroups, 2 more dr appointments, and a smattering of other things on the calendar and we'll be busy.

It's getting overwhelming, I admit. I haven't felt well lately. It may just be the difference in pregnancies from one to the other. It probably has to do with having Braska around to play with, carry, deal with, and keep happy when I'd rather be napping. It's not some big problem, but it is interfering with life as I'd hoped it would be at this point in this pregnancy. I'm tempted to thin out our schedule a little just to keep caught up better, but I don't know if that would help or not. I go to the OB today for a regular check in. I'll let her know what's up, and she'll probably tell me it's just the way it is. But I'm just disappointed that I generally spend most of the day every day feeling tired and very achy. It's nothing that can't be dealt with, but it's still sometimes frustrating.

But time is flying, so we'll soon be to the next overwhelming stage of dealing with two kids out here in the open! Somehow, we'll figure it out. For now, I'll nap and rest when I can. I just miss having energy and actually *wanting* to do things outside the house.

So can someone go do some fun stuff and let me live vicariously through your experience?? Make it a good month, people!!


  1. November DOES sound busy! Basketball season, trips to IL and Tulsa will make our month busy, but unlike most, we slow down after Thanksgiving.

    I survived another dental appt this morning so the day is improving! (Royalty approaches as some new crowns are on the way.) Permission granted to live vicariously through any of these you choose.

    Hope your aches and lack of energy diminish.

  2. OK I'll give you a shot:
    Just yesterday Sarah, Amber, Katelyn and I went to the STL Zoo. It was beautiful! The girls were sweet, the weather was nice, and some of the animals were moving around!

    We even got a sitter on the 1st and went to Lumiere. It was Sarah's second casino she ever visited (first was our honeymoon). We had fun but realized it would have been much more fulfilling to send the time and money doing something else...

    So there you go 3 days in and already having a fun/good month!

  3. Ok, first up, cut yourself some slack. You are literally growing a human being inside of your tends to take all the "oomph" out of life:) And I totally agree about just waiting and praying. I immediatly think of the people of Israel and how they begged God for a king and quickly found out getting what you think you want is not always the best thing. After all, God did give us free will. I just wish some people had the sense to use their's wisely.

  4. 31 posts definitely counts.

    It's hard being pregnant and a mom at the same time. Give yourself some slack - it's okay to lounge and rest.

  5. Take it easy girl! Rest when you can and ease up on yourself. My energy is gone by 1 or 2 pm and then I'm done. You should see my house. Miss ya. ---Jen

  6. Your month sounds worse than mine and I didn't think that was possible! You know how to stay busy, that's for sure :) I remember with Dom that at 3 months I felt like I was 6 months along- the energy thing was just really different with the 3rd child...take it easy, don't worry about the cobwebs-they'll wait, trust me :), and enjoy your kiddos and pregnancy while you can and how you can :) hugs!


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