Monday, November 17, 2008

Nursery #2

Slowly we're getting Kinlee's room together. Everyone likes to ask if we're "ready" and such.

Will they share a room?
What's the theme?
Do you have colors picked out?
Are you moving Braska to a toddler bed?

They're typical questions. No, they won't share a room. No way. Braska is a good sleeper, and I'm not taking any chances on jeopardizing that. Theme? Colors? Nope. Not really. Well the room was half white and half green when we moved in with Noah's ark border, so I figured we'd make that work.

I didn't like it, but we didn't have anything else really, and I wasn't going to go spend money on a whole new decor. Then as I was trying to clean out the room that had become the main floor storage area after we moved in, I saw a corner of the border was barely peeling, so I thought I'd give it a tug. Whatta ya know?!? Two walls came off in one sheet! It was amazing! I took it as a sign and started making plans.

What made it easier to plan was that our friends Jason and Sarah had brought us a complete bedding set with valance and mobile a few weeks ago. We never had an "official" matching set with Braska. So why not paint the room and have a cute little nursery after all??

So Saturday, my sister Rachel came over and spent several hours priming and painting the room. She did the whole thing herself. She even moved one seriously huge piece of furniture that we still can't manage to put back yet.

Here's what it looked like post-painting. That's Braska's new crib in the box.

We got Braska a new crib to match her dresser/changing table. It's a convertible crib/toddler bed/full size headboard and footboard that will basically be her bed for life...unless she decides to buy another one later. She'll be in the crib version of this bed for some time, I'm quite sure. As long as she fits and doesn't mind, I'm in no hurry at all to get her out of the crib. I wouldn't be surprised at all if she's in it another couple years. We'll see, but I wouldn't mind. It helps that she's so tiny, of course.

So today I decided to take down Braska's old crib and move it into Kinlee's room to set things up. I hate stuff being in chaos, even though I tend to live like that lately, so I figured this was a small part I could get done.

It's hard to see light colors, but the walls are a really pretty lavendar color. Everything except the crib frame and the shelf, including the crib mattress, are from Jason and Sarah. Thank you guys!!!!!

With flash and without...neither do it quite justice, but you get the idea. (The walls look blue with the's not at all blue!)

And of course the cute window valance.

And then tonight, M tackled the job of assembling the new crib for Braska. She LOVED it. She went to each side and touched the slats, knocked on the sides, and just giggled.

So special thanks to Rach, Jason, Sarah, and M for helping us make some real headway!


  1. Aww it's beautiful!! So exciting :)

  2. It looks great! (And isn't it funny how those bees can get in your bonnet?)

  3. it's so pretty - and a great change from the previous decor

  4. Oh, that's so pretty! I like it a million times better than the old look.

  5. It looks great! Good job.

  6. Good job! And I LOVE me some free stuff, that's the best kind to decorate with!

  7. What a beautiful room - and the new crib is so lovely, too!

  8. TADA! Yea! :) Glad it turned out well and didn't need more coats LOL. It looks great w/the crib & everything
    - Rach

  9. Peanut will be 4 in January and still sleeps in a crib. We're in no hurry to move her, either.

  10. I think it is absolutely beautiful! How exciting to get all that all you need is the baby girl!

    Rachel the new crib too!

  11. wow, it's wonderful!! I love the colourscheme :o)

  12. wow what a difference from the before and after photos - it looks great!

  13. Randa it brings so much joy to our hearts to know someone will enjoy the decorations as much as we did. It was a part of both of our girls, and now we share that with you guys!

    It looks awesome!



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