Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 for 2 can be a success

I didn't get to the store, but I did get some work done on the house tonight. We did venture out long enough to run through a drive-thru for lunch. That's something...

Tomorrow's a big day. I keep feeling like I should have all these wonderful things to say. But I don't. I don't feel bad about it. Maybe something will hit me later, but for now...yay, she's 2!

Now to get the cake made, the pictures scheduled, and the rest of the house cleaned up...


  1. Happy Birthday Braska!!!
    I tagged you RK :) check out my blog

  2. Randa~

    Please don't sound so hard on yourself. I am not pregnant but I have a hard enough time keeping up with a 20 month old and my house.. You are doing a GREAT job with Braska, M, and your house..AND Kinlee..

    Hope Braska's party turns out good!


  3. you know I think it drives my husband crazy but I take the kids out to just go and get a $1 coke or iced tea somewhere - just to get. out. of. the. house. it helps a lot sometimes. (now if you would ask my hubby about it, its a total waste of money!)


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