Monday, August 18, 2008

Phase 1 done

The first of the contruction/remodeling projects are done, except for priming and painting, which will happen tomorrow. Here's where the fireplace used to be. I've never been so happy to see a plain jane wall.

And here's the new kitchen pass-through, though I am sure it is more likely to be a look-through only.

We spent a few hours tonight, Rachel and I, cleaning and wiping everything in the kitchen down thoroughly, as there was a ridiculous amount of drywall dust on everything and in every little crevice. Amazing. I'm sure I'll be finding it for a long time to come. But at least the kitchen is ready for some preliminary move-in of items tomorrow.

My parents and the two youngest siblings are coming to town tomorrow to do the painting and help out with getting things ready for the Saturday move. This is a lifesaver since I've been completely non-efficient lately. I'm accomplishing nothing. In a funk, maybe. Overwhelmed, maybe. It's bad. Thank goodness Rach kept me moving tonight, or we'd be even more behind. I want to run away and come back to a perfectly organized house with a smiling husband and happy kid. Since that's not an option, my fam coming to get things done is the next best thing. They are workers like no others!


  1. yay for a helpful family...

    I too am in a funk - I'm sure yours is pregnancy-and-life-is-crazy induced...I don't know what my excuse is.

  2. The house is looking great!

    Hope the moving in goes smoothly!

  3. What a transformation! That's great.

  4. You're almost there. Hang on!

  5. So glad you have the fam there to help. Wish we could lend a hand! And I can't wait to hear about how you're moved in and can take a nap!


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