Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chillin' with Whirlpool

Today the fridge came. It's pretty and shiny white.

The delivery guys were supposed to be there between 10 and 12 noon. So we went to the house and waited. We did a few little jobs, but we mostly waited. They arrived at about 12:20 pm, of course. Thankfully, they were nice, so we forgave them.

Here's a you tip delivery guys when you've been charged a delivery fee already??

Edited to add, since Teresa mentioned it and reminded me: M did offer them each a cold soda, which made one very happy especially because we had Dr Pepper. But of course! They were very glad for the cold drink (from the cooler).


  1. it awful to say I never thought about tipping them when I paid a delivery fee?

  2. pretty!

    Ugh, I hate tipping rules. I never know. For delivery, sometimes I do. I figure people always like money, and a few dollars won't hurt.

    Like the furniture guys who were here for 45 minutes on a rainy day, trying to fit the couch in through our stupid tiny doors, they got a tip. But the guy who brought the dishwasher, he was gone before I even had time to think about it.

    I'm useless.

  3. I would tip only if the delivery people did something extra. For example... Remove the old item from your house, and it wasn't planned or paid for. If it is warm, I would consider offering a can of soda or water....

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Teresa...we did give them sodas and they were pretty pleased. :o)

  5. LOL..I just usually offer a drink. Nice fridge!

  6. No, I don't generally tip for deliveries, unless they have problems that were unplanned -- like something not fitting thru a door!
    Drinks were nice. They will remember that.

  7. I tip them if they are on time and do their job right. but, how often are they on that is a question, isn't it? LOL

  8. Good question-I never know as well. I once gave a guy a fresh baked muffin since they were done while he was setting up new furniture once. He enjoyed that!


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