Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hot mama--and baby!

100 degrees is hot. 105 is even hotter. That's what it was today here. (The heat index, that is, but come on, if that's what it "feels like" then isn't that what counts?? M has a nice perspective on this too.)

Our apartment is on the top/second floor, has a big sliding door and a large double window that face West, right over the lake (love that reflection of the water). Our air conditioner has been an issue since the day we moved in. The maintenance guys, one particularly who is nice, have been out at least 3 times to "fix" it since it runs non-stop during the day, especially on the hotter days, and the line to drain the condensation gets clogged or something and overflows. So we get water draining down into the area below the unit in the apartment where the cold air return is. You can imagine how that makes for pleasant smells coming out of all the vents in the apartment. So now there's a small trash can under there to catch the water, and it fills up every day. Ridiculous. The maintenance guy told us that they'll probably replace the unit after we move out this month.... but we get to pay the exorbitant utility bills in the meantime and deal with this horrid musty smell. We apologize to everyone who walks in the door.

The worst part is that even with the A/C running all day long, it doesn't get cool in here. It is often up to 82 or 85 degrees IN the apartment. That's no fun. So this weekend we put up dark sheets and dark fleece blankets over the windows in the living room to try to insulate a little more and keep the light out. It's not a chic look at all, but we think it's helped some. I just knew I wasn't going to go through this week when they predicted over 100 degrees for the highs with the same old plan.

Suffice it to say that we are excited about getting this move going in the next few weeks. We went through the Abbey house again yesterday with the contractor for the final measurements for the demo and construction. We should be on target for our timeline of getting the two big jobs done prior to move in, so that is good. We close this coming Tuesday, 8/12, and I'm ready. I was actually able to get excited this time through the house, just because I felt it was finally ours and things can't fall through now.

The weather is supposed to "cool off" for the next couple days, highs in the mid to high 80s, so that's good. In the meantime, we sit and sweat. Thank God for fans!!!


  1. Soon! It will be a distant memory. Hold on and maybe sit on a bag of frozen peas ;-}

  2. it's been hellish feeling hasn't it! hope those blankets help to give you some relief!

  3. That sounds horrible :( I'm glad you have a move in the near future!

  4. YIKES! Just plain old YIKES! That is HOT!!!!!


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