Thursday, August 14, 2008

My favorite carpenters

This morning I was planning to meet the handyman at the house to go over some things we've asked him to take care of for us. But the call I got before 8 am was not the one I expected... it was Rick, the project manager for the construction company. He said since they were able to finish demo yesterday, he had a couple carpenters who could come and finish us up today. Yeah, that's right! Construction that will be done a week ahead of schedule!! I was way excited and Rick just laughed at me.

Here's what it looked like when I got there. Outside...

And inside... the hole is slowly disappearing.

So I went over to meet them and give the final ok on the opening to be cut in the kitchen/living room wall. Anthony had the opening drawn out on the wall so I could see it. (If you click on the left picture, you can see where the drawing is. The other is the opposite side of that wall.)

I looked at it and said it was good, then as I looked more, I decided maybe I wanted it bigger from top to bottom. But then I changed my mind again. Anthony was oh so patient as I waffled and debated. I ended up going for the bigger opening, calling it final and walking away. Of course I've questioned it for the last few hours, but oh well. The end result will be down about 3/4 of the way through the lower flower border.

OK... by the time I got around to getting the earlier part of this posted, I had been back and taken more pics... so here's the progress. The left is from about 3pm and the right is from when I returned at about 5 when the team was gone for the day. They'll be back Monday to finish, and that's fine with me! I love that I can see it coming together!!!!

From the back sliding door, looking through the eat-in area toward the front door.

From the front door through the living room and kitchen, to the back door. Does that open things up or what?!?

Here's how the new wall looked at the end of the day. Inside and the outside/garage side.

Rachel came over to see how it was looking tonight and helped me start to take down some border as I was waiting for the handyman to get there. Even with that oak paneling still there, (it's leaving this weekend), it already looks better with the lower border gone. (Capt Belgium, the paneling was trashed from the other you want this batch??)

And I started on the bathroom after she left. Thank goodness it's coming off in sheets...the rest won't be bad at all.

Tomorrow it's more wallpaper work, the handyman is returning to get things fixed up, just several little things from the inspection, no biggie.


  1. if you get in a jam with the wallpaper - a high concentration of downy liquid fabric softner in hot water will help unstick the glue...

    the changes look great and ahead of schedule! that's almost unheard of...

  2. Wonderful! My hubby and his business partner made our pass-through in our house just after we bought it. It looks fantastic!

    Your place is gonna be awesome

  3. Awesome! That looks great. And done early -- I mean, I know you guys are due for some good luck, but that's unbelievable!

    I find stripping wallpaper to be oddly fun. It's very satisfying.


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