Friday, August 29, 2008

Abbey Move: Part 1

As of the point that I'm putting this post together, we still don't have a connection at home.  But thanks to Meredith and her tip from a while back, I was able to download Windows Live Writer when I was borrowing WiFi earlier in the week, so at least now I can compile a post from home and just put it up when I get a chance.  Not a bad deal.

So Julia and Ryan were here last week with me for most of the week while Braska was at Grammy's.  They were a HUGE help, and we got a whole lot of things moved and loads taken over during the week to get ready for the big move.  It was handy to have Ryan around for the things I couldn't reach.  I couldn't hardly reach the top of the wallpaper with a stepladder, but Ryan didn't need anything at all. 


The plan was to do some moving on Friday night, then do the "big" part on Saturday morning.  It became apparent quickly that we better just capitalize on the hands available on Friday night to get done everything we could.  M's parents came first, mid afternoon on Friday, and they had a handy little enclosed trailer that we made a couple impressive loads with. 


I scrambled to find a moving truck and ended up only able to get one for about 5 hours on Friday evening, but we used it to get all the rest of the stuff from the apartment and clear out the tons of stuff from the storage unit as well.  Amazing, let me tell you!  Appliances were moved into the basement, along with ALOT of boxes that will have to be dealt with later.


At the end of the night, we were in.  There was no Saturday move.  It was crazy that it got done.  There were alot of problems with things that wouldn't fit where they should go.  Door frames ended up being removed, alot of scrapes and scratches will live on to tell the tale.  But in the end, we did it...with ALOT of help!!

Braska's room was in ok shape, at least there was room to walk.


Pepino's room is kind of a storage/holding area for now. 


Saturday, Braska returned to find her new place kind of crazy, but she's done well.  My mom helped us get organized a little, and M's parents came back to help with some more moving around in the house and did some super good cleaning at the apartment to get it ready for the final walk-through later today.

So we have a long way to go, but we'll get there.  I'm really hoping and praying for good health for all of us this week so we can accomplish a bit more.


  1. that Ryan sure is tall...and getting all the moving done in one day is super good...wishing you good health for the organizing days to come!

  2. Glad it went so well. I got first hand reports, of course. And since I'm "hippically challenged" I'm glad I got to be a painter the Tuesday before. Way to go, John, Carole, and all the wonderful helpers! RK and M: you are almost through this phase!

  3. moving is one of the most miserable things to much work and all you want is to get it over with quickly. i appreciate you visiting my blog and commented on my recent post on abortion. if one person gets something positive out of it than it was worth all the time to write it. although i think my eyes are going to go from staring at the computer. feel free to link if you'd like. and if you don't mind i would like to add you to my blog list!!!


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