Monday, January 21, 2008

Then and now: Muncher and Wish

Christina at Kwisteena's Kwaziness tagged me to do a little looking back exercise. I've chosen to make it a series, in order to cover a few angles. This first edition is mostly for us big kid members of the family. When my husband and I met online, his screen name was Muncher and mine was Wish. This is part of our story in pictures.

As mentioned in my recent re-post about looking back, it's not always a pleasant thing for me to do. That's unfortunate, as I love to look at old pics and remember how fun stuff was and what was happening at each stage. SO...I'm going to have a little fun, remembering JUST the good for a few minutes(I'll try)...even if it is a little bit personally embarrassing. (What wasI thinking??)

Here's one of the first pics of M and me, and that's my youngest sister, Julia. This would have been about Spring 98, I think. We'd been dating about 6 months maybe, age 24.

September 2000, engagement pictures. Age 26. Here's that story if you missed it.

July 2003. Church directory picture. One of my LEAST faves of both of us ever. Good that only 1000+ people have a copy for posterity. Yeah. Age 30.

February 2005. At our friend's home. I was sporting a new short do, and M was looking mischievous as usual.

August 2005. Friend's wedding. One of my faves, because it's the last one in that era of our lives. Kind of like BC vs AD, but no, the BC is not for "before children." Those smiles are honest, fun, and innocent. We'll neither one be that person ever again, but I hope we'll end up even better and smiling wider one day. More pressure makes a brighter diamond, right?

August 2006. Baby on board. This one is meaningful to me because it was right in the midst of the storm, yet before the next cold front came roaring through. We went to see Mission: Impossible III at the classic theater in town. We so very rarely are anywhere with only the other, this was a treat for sure. Age 32.

This is my fave. 11/21/06. Still in the closeness brought on by Braska's delivery and news of the early morning hours (DS) and just before the trauma of the heart defect diagnosis and the beginning of the NG tube. Much of me wishes I could go back and start here again, but only if I could keep the knowledge I have now. Guess it doesn't work that way...

February 2007. I like this picture because I see so much in our faces that belies what was going on in our lives. It was painful. But we've grown, so that's counts for something. Braska's surgery was 10 days away, too.

May 2007. Our first "family pictures." There's alot more story to this particular day, but that's not for now. Braska was the star of this photo shoot. Age 33.

It's pretty sad that we don't really have another good pic of the two of us since May...but oh well. I'll add it to my to-do list.


  1. If we're doing photo choices here, of course the best is the whole family, Nov. 06. Next to that, it's got to be the engagement one.
    When you need a housekeeper/baby sitter for a few days, call 1-800-Grammy.

  2. This makes me teary - why? Oh I'll blame it on pregnancy! I love you guys! And I know God has awesome things in store for all 3 of you!

  3. What a wonderful series of photos - filled with lots of history!

  4. Love the photos! It is fun to look back and see what God has brought us through, and remember all the blessing amidst the storms. HE is always there, and that is an incredible thing!

  5. Great post, so often in our new role as mommy to special needs kiddos, I forget that my relationship to my husband needs to rise higher on my 'to do list' and 'schedule of therapy appts'. What beautiful pictures!

  6. These are nice photos, your like me . I can look at any photo and remember what was going on in my life at the time the picture was taken, and how I was feeling. It's funny yesterday, I was thinking, I should do a photo montage of my hubby and me someday soon, then realized we don't ever take pictures of just the two of us anymore. Maybe like three in the last few years.

  7. Grammy--Weird that you picked the engagement one.

    Jennifer--It must be the pregnancy, or the fact that you have all the info behind the pictures...that could be it, too. right.

    Karen K--He is there, has been, and will continue to be regardless of my goof-ups. Otherwise, I'd have given up long ago.

    Tommy's Mommy--How true. Proper balance is so important.

    Rylie's mom--We are the same way, really. Several of these are crops of pictures with others in them. We always said there's no way we could have done the whole "couple's montage" for our wedding, because at that point we only had 2 pics together after 3 years of dating.

  8. Wow. RK... What a moving post...!! These are such lovely, precious memories, even the painful ones. I can see on your faces how you've grown through the tough times; be encouraged :o)
    God bless your beautiful little family!!

  9. I loved looking back with you! Great pictures and... you've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?

  10. Very cool to see a blast from the past. And I completely get the hesitation in wanting to revisit "those" days... such a mixed bag.

    Once it warms up you'll have to head out to a nice park and get an updated picture to post... :)

  11. Mrs. Wibbs--I have grown, and it's a good thing.

    Shannon--Yes, lost and gained and lost again. Love that rollercoaster.

    Tom--We took another last night, and it's not too bad. But we'll see if I like it enough to put it up.


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