Sunday, January 6, 2008

Three steps behind

That's how I feel, three steps behind my brain. I keep thinking of all I need to do and I'm not getting much of it done.

In case you are one of...gosh...maybe the 2? people out there who don't read Braska's blog, here's a rundown of my last couple weeks.

12/22-To St. Louis for Christmas weekend. Home on 12/25.
12/26-Back to St. Louis to take Braska to GI for granulation. Home on 12/29.
1/2-Back to St. Louis to take Braska to GI for granulation...again. Home on 1/3.
That's 18 hours of driving right there.

That might have something to do with my being behind. Possible. And it looks like another trip is going to be in order in a few days unless something changes very quickly. Better get to the library to get some more books on CD.

Yesterday, I kicked my husband and daughter out of the house for several hours. That's the only way I can get real work done around here. They have to be gone. So they went and hung out with some friends and I got through 3 1/2 rooms. That even included sneaking away to meet the girls at Toro for a quick lunch. Even mopped the kitchen...and that NEVER happens anymore. So sad. I'm glad I made some headway though. It's a start.

Today, we had a bit of a late start, so we hit second service at church, then lunch with friends(Toro, of course), then home for a quick nap for the kiddo and the husband (and a peek at football for me) then to a movie with those same friends, then M went to Sunday Night Magic (yes, if you're counting, that's three nights a week now...but that's for another post), and I went to a friend's to do a bit of treasure hunting, you might say. Now we're home, it's 9 pm, Braska's asleep in her car seat, so I'm leaving her for the moment. She still needs to be fed once more, changed, etc. But I'm stealing a minute to sit and relax, check the email, and throw up a post.

I'm not usually a basic daily play-by-play kind of blogger, but for now, it will do. I didn't want you to think I've been slacking off or anything!

What did you do today?


  1. You are in luck! The new library opens on Wednesday. Plus did you know that you can reserve/request stuff on-line. It is really nice then you just pick it up. We do it with movies all the time. You probably know this:-)

  2. Busy, busy! Glad you could watch a bit of football! Don't want to seem picky, but you might say, "Upload a post" rather than "throw up a post." Just to protect the squeamish.

    Oh yeah, I set up an appt of one vehicle to be inspected, one van to get a new windshield (so it can be inspected), dealt with the car insurance folks, wrote bunches of thank you notes, & did a lot of email correspondence, commented on Braska's blog, etc. etc.

    Oh,you didn't MEAN you REALLY wanted to know what I'd done today? Sorry......

  3. ....ha, tell Braska her other Grampa Rod is a funny one too! V

  4. Well, what did I do today? I spent eight-ish hours with fifteen fresh-faced new college graduates at corporate training for my brand-spanking new job. I'm trying to hide the facts that I went to school forever and am OLD. They are all 22, you know. But I did sneak home for lunch and watched part of "Top that Party" or something about extravagant parties. I also got a haircut that I'm still deciding if I like. And I fed the guinea pig several carrots and pieces of yellow bell pepper. Aren't you glad you asked:)

  5. Karen K--I do need to go by there to see the new looks good from the outside.

    Dad--Didn't think about my verbage with the posting..sorry. And yeah, I was hoping I'd get the actual schedule of readers.

    Aunt V--Can't have too many funny grandpas I don't think.

    Mary--That's an interesting day... and if YOU are old...*sigh* I give up. Congrats on the new job!! I look forward to hearing more about it. Ah, the pigs...give them some lettuce for me too.

  6. Sometimes play by plays are needed when your getting overwhelmed if nothing else but to vent. I love reading Braska's blog, but I've been super busy too. I haven't been able to visit all my favorites. I'm hoping it all slows down soon.

  7. phew
    I got tired just reading that!


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