Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tagged: Love and Hate

Shannon at Gabi's World tagged me for the Love/Hate meme. Braska got tagged too, but she got to it before I did.

I had been pondering what I'd include on my list, and I had some good things that were going to segue into other posts I've been meaning to do. But tonight I've been frustrated, tired, and not in the frame of mind that would lend itself to a quality post. (I try hard to avoid the rant-post. And you can see how sparse my posts have been...get the connection??) So I am going to once again postpone a couple of topics and go for more of the fluff post, although still sincere. Forgive me, you true substance bloggers.

~~I love that God loves us even when we disappoint him so deeply.
~~I love my daughter, my husband, and my dog. (In no particular order)
~~I love my car.
~~I love my blogger friends who have taught me so much....that's a whole bunch of you! Holla!
~~I love what Reece's Rainbow does, and I love that God has blessed me to be involved in helping in every way I can.
~~I love El Toro II and our great friends who make every trip there a VIP experience for us.
~~I love that our extended families love our daughter so very much.
~~I love Braska's smiles and giggles. They make even the most sad day brighter.
~~I love to cozy up in my big comfy bed when the flannel sheets are on in the winter.
~~I love snow, watching snow fall, seeing snow drifts, eating snow ice cream, and walking in snow.
~~I love when my husband and I actually get to go to bed at the same time at night. That's just the way it's supposed to be.
~~I love hanging out with true friends, and I miss it since we don't get to do much as a "gang" anymore.

~~I hate that children have to suffer and are mistreated, kidnapped, abused, and killed. We simply must protect our children, from conception forward.
~~I hate that my life now includes a WS, EAs, PAs, and especially OWs. If you know what those are, I'm so so so sorry.
~~I hate being betrayed, feeling insecure and unwanted. It's the worse thing(s) I've experienced.
~~I hate that Braska has strikes against her from the get-go in so many eyes of society.
~~I hate that so many people search for something real and true and life-changing yet reject the One who can provide it. I wish I could more eloquently portray what a difference God has made in my life in the last 2 years.
~~I hate that I can't seem to manage my time anymore when that used to be such a strength of mine.

That's plenty for now... I must get some sleep. Here's to a more pleasant tomorrow!!

And as for tagging.... if you have more than one girl in your flock of kiddos, I tag you. (How's that for random?!?) Leave me a note so I can come see the list!


  1. I've never been tagged so I'm kind of excited! It might be a few days before I get it posted so stay tuned RK.

  2. I love you AND your daughter so very much. Remember: YOU are MY daughter and always will be. Now that you have a daughter, you can understand that:o)

  3. Great list! We share a lot of the same loves/hates!

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  4. Karen--I look forward to your list.


    Shannon--I entered!


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