Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Best of: One step back, two steps forward

With the writers' strike in Hollywood, we've had alot of reruns and "best of" shows lately on the TV. It made me think that while I'm trying to survive this crazy month of seemingly constant packing suitcases, driving, and doctor appointments that I should utilize this same pattern.

So I'll be choosing some old posts, from back in the early days when only a handful of readers popped in occasionally, to share and bring back to the spotlight for a moment.

This first one, from only my second post on this blog, has been chosen because it has come to be pertinent again this week. I had occasion a couple days ago to have to face a difficult situation that I hoped I'd left behind. I feel like I handled it well, considering the way it kind of jumped out of nowhere, but I also found that in the quiet, I still had quite a bit of insecurity and pain lingering in the deeper caverns of my psyche. This post was good for me to find with fresh eyes... it's time, again, to think back and move forward. I hope it's encouraging to you in some way, as well.

Think back, Move forward, It's time.


  1. Bring back The Office already! :)

    I appreciated your honesty in your post(s). I haven't heard of Dr. Jeremiah... will Google him.

    I hope the rest of the week goes well.

  2. Your stamina and commitment to God are always an encouragement to me. I don't remember seeing your old post. Thanks for bringing it back to us. I press on...

    Love to my girls!


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