Sunday, July 22, 2007

The story: Are you sure?!?

Seven years ago today, my husband asked me to marry him. He spent quite a while working on a cross-stitch that he designed with pieces of several scriptures, ending in Will You Marry Me? He had the ring sewn into the cross-stitched ring on the canvas. He asked me to come and see what he'd been working on while I was visiting him one weekend. After having to convince me to look at it, since it wasn't done and I thought I should see it all completed, I unrolled it from the top and was shocked to see the ring hanging from the bottom section. Totally shocked. I just kept saying, "Are you sure?!?! Are you sure?!? Are you sure?!? Are you sure?!?!" He just kept laughing at me, saying, "I've never been so sure of anything, I promise! Really, I'm sure!" After a few minutes of my just staring at it and him, he said, "Do you have an answer for me?" I, of course, told him yes.
We immediately drove to the sand volleyball court where our friends were to show off the rock and brag on our happy news.
Ah, a story for the ages. Well, I like it anyway!


  1. I learn more about you each time I read your blog!!
    What a sweet way for Muncher to propose to you!! In my prego state I am sitting here a boo-hooing reading your blog!! Your bathroom looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Way to go!!

  2. Wow--what a special story. A lot of time, care and thought went into that proposal.

  3. AA--It was definitely a sweet way, and I see it as even sweeter now. I didn't appreciate it enough at the time.

    Miss Karen--That's one reason why it's so special to me... it did take alot of time, alot of planning and thought. It wasn't a spur of the moment emotional thing, but a thought out choice that I was privileged to be on the receiving end of and that made it so very meaningful.

  4. That is so sweet! And of course you will always have the cross-stitch to remember it with.

  5. LOVE that proposal. Justin proposed by switching out the label on a bottle of ketchup with one that asked me to marry him. (I'm a ketchup junkie.) That was NO easy task, either...I believe my one and only attempt at cross stitch ended by throwing the whole thing away in a rage-filled fit, less than an hour after I'd begun.
    So sweet...


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