Thursday, June 7, 2012

Old. New. Same. Different.

Almost 3 years ago we were blessed with this van, from my parents since they had just bought another Sienna and passed the well-used-and-loved one on to us.

Just this past week, in a matter of a few hours, we heard about another Sienna they were looking at, and they were proposing another switcheroo, giving the “old” one back to them for a great deal on a “new” one with 100,000 miles less.

After some debate, we decided to go for it.  We don’t NEED a new van at this point.  I really do LOVE this old, dented, 242,000-miles used van.  I’m fine to hold onto it for a while.  We have been through quite a few vehicle transactions in the last few years… remember this?

The final piece needed to talk me into it?  It was the same van.  I mean, a different van, but the same one.  One year older, but with 100,000 fewer miles.  Same interior, nicer exterior without the scratches dents and dings.  And for much less than we could consider replacing our van. 

So the same van, only better?  Ok, I can do that.

Last Wednesday, I drove the “old” one out to my brother’s house where my mom was visiting.  We made the switch, and here’s my “new” van.
Looks a little familiar, eh? 

It looked like a gray-green Sienna club meeting in my brother’s driveway. Looking at this, I realize I should have at least washed mine before I handed it over.  Wow.

So we have a new, older van that is the same, only different.  And I’m good with that. (The girls were ok with it, too.)

Now we need to get around to the actual money exchange, don’t we, Dad? 
It’s in the mail… Thanks for bringing the deal to us!

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  1. So happy you are pleased... and THE GIRLS ARE PLEASED! We really felt like the Lord provided this van and the opportunity. But we really wanted you to see it as a good transition. Loved the pictures, especially Grammy and girls!! (And you know how I LOVE vehicle pics!)


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