Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gotta love "perfect"

Dentist appointment.
Good, painless care.
Reasonable cost even with private pay bill.
Walked away with the "perfect teeth" label.
Makes this mouth happy.

0613RK smile

Ok, I wasn’t going to post this, (I posted just the above blip, but now I’m changing my mind…adding the following self-deprecation. ) but I can’t resist telling on my silly self.  Plus, this is such a real look at how ridiculous I can be.  I stood for like EVER trying to get a proper shot of my teeth when I got home…  But they all went silly and blurry and self portraits are hard!

I just wanted to share two of the outtakes….

How can a person look a bit clueless and confused when that same person is the only one who knows what’s happening at that moment????  Huh?

And this is classic… M behind me enjoying (or being annoyed by) my goofy attempts at teeth-picture getting, accompanied by my goofy face.  Classic me. And him.

There ya go, your dose of goofy for the day.


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