Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini OCD

Some days Braska’s OCD tendencies are more frustrating than others.  Today is a “more” day. 

The need to touch the wall all the way down the hall as she goes to her room… difficult when there are two small boxes in the way. She could go around, but instead she starts and stops over and over and over. Like she’s going to be able to make her arm rubber this time and stretch to reach the wall the entire way.  This one in particular caused a lot of physical moving of this little picky one.  Luckily she’s light.

The need for all doors to be open fully or closed fully.  Sometimes I want the door just slightly ajar, for purposes of proper air conditioning flow, or so that I can hear our little buddy Patrick when he’s sleeping.  But no.  All the way open or all the way closed.  No matter what she’s told or what she agrees to.  She

There are several others.  But today I seem to have less patience for the quirks.  So these two seem like plenty.


  1. Bless your heart. Dariya is a door closer too. LOL

  2. The DOORS?!?! Why must they all be closed? I hear you!


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