Thursday, June 16, 2011

Return of the giggles


The girls are home.  I went and met up with my parents and youngest sis yesterday at the halfway point of our liking (Mexican restaurant, of course!) to pick them up.  I had lovely company along for the ride, as well, and that always makes a little road trip more enjoyable.

As expected, KiKi flipped her little lid and wouldn’t have anything to do with me for a while after I arrived.  She clung to Grammy and wouldn’t look at me. 

The pic here is from right before we left, an hour into her warming up process, which is about how long it often takes.

This is common with her… whoever has just arrived home is feared, completely avoided, and glared at, if they are so lucky as to get her eyes at all their direction.  I’m not sure how her little brain works, but she’s at least consistent. 

When M comes in from work, Kinlee will run the other direction, usually straight to me and plead for me to hold her and not let Daddy get her.  The same response happens when I get home from work, if she’s still awake.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve just run to the store or been gone for a few days.  When her grandmas arrive, she’s generally the same with them, although they are her favorite thing just a few minutes later. I’m not sure where it all comes from. She’s not a fan of whoever is just entering the picture.

She does warm up, sometimes more quickly than others, but it’s a pretty interesting little habit she has.  We’ve become accustomed to it, and we generally will alert others in the situation to the way it will play out so they don’t get offended or think they’ve done something bad.  Just a KiKi thing…

The girls had a great time. They’ve been telling all about the horses they got to pet and the kitties they saw and the BIG trampoline that they got to jump on.  Last night we played a little longer on the floor in the living room, letting bedtime wait, since they were just happy to be home and full of the giggles that we missed a little while they were gone.

While they were gone, I got plenty of relaxing done, some reading, and some much overdue cleaning in the house.  I’m feeling a little better overall. I’m still fighting the same “summer cold” as everyone seems to want to call it, and I’m just about to poke a little hole in my ear drum to get the fluid out that just will NOT leave.  The constant coughing, drainage, and throat clearing is annoying—to me and anyone around me.  After 3 weeks, this is getting a little ridiculous!

For all the drama that KiKi can be, she can also be pretty sweet.  She was eating some dinner last night and said, “I’m sorry, Mommy.”  I told her that was nice to say she was sorry, but that I didn’t know that she needed to.  I asked her why she said it.  She said, “I’m sorry I missed you and Daddy.”  Then she told M the same a few times, and repeated it to me again before bed.  I think the idea was that she was glad to be home. And for that, I’m thankful.

Here’s hoping our next few weeks will be much more pleasant than the last few and we can spend more time enjoying the little giggly girls who live in our house.


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