Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy’s girls

It started almost 38 years ago…
Though I don’t remember too much about those days, I was the one and only back then, and I was Daddy’s girl. 

Now, I get to enjoy the new perspective, of watching my girls be Daddy’s girls…


And both perspectives are pretty good ones, I say.

Thank you, Dad, for teaching us right from wrong and how to enjoy a great ball game and a fun car.

And thanks, M, for adoring our little poonchins, teaching them right from wrong, how to appreciate Bears football, and letting them climb (with love) all over their daddy pop.

And let me just add… both these pictures above are of little girls heading to church with their daddies. It’s no accident that the legacy continues. It takes a firm decision and determination to do what’s right.  And I don’t take that for granted.

M asked for Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, MD for Father’s Day. And he received it. With much appreciation that he takes his job seriously enough to want to do it the best he can.  And yes, I sneaked a peek at it before I let KiKi wrap it up… and it’s good. Get it and give it, or get it and read it, depending on your position in the parental pairing. Whether your daughters are 6 months old or 25 years old. Great info for all, and it’s never “too late.”

(Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson is also another good one. I have it in audio book form. And I feel sure it’s one I’ll listen through just about yearly. I recommend it for moms AND dads.)

Daddies and daughters…a special thing. The relationship that can make or break a girl.


  1. Hey did you manage to get Kinlee in that old picture with your dad?!? Haha! Can you say "spitting image"??

  2. Love that post and that picture. Looks just like both of us! Thanks for posting!

  3. So, little miss Kinlee is a spitting image of you!! I had to do a double-take! :)

  4. I agree with Muttering Mama. You guys are little clones. Hope you are doing well buddy!

  5. What a great post - not sure what is more surprising, that Kinlee looks soooo much like you or that your dad has hair!! Ha!

  6. You are right, Jessie. Your dad could tell you about those days, even furnish pictures. Once, we were young...


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