Monday, March 21, 2011

What that extra chromosome means to some

(If you didn’t see the great video full of precious and adorable faces, including one I’m partial to, click here to go to the earlier post.)

In our house…
It means you get to wear glasses when your sister doesn’t
It means you get to go to school and play with lots of the best teachers and therapists
It means you sometimes get frustrated with what your body won’t do that it should
It means that when you’re frustrated you get to spend extra time with Mommy or Daddy
It means you’re loved absolutely to pieces.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, of course.

In a place far away…
It means that even when there’s a mommy and daddy who are there to pick you up, money in hand, paperwork all filed, pleading for your life, a judge can say no. Just plain no.
That little handsome fella just haunts me. I can’t imagine what his parents are experiencing. (Click here and then here for that story. They need your prayer support. Desperately. Please.) I still can’t comprehend this.

It means that even when your mommy and daddy come and bring you home, you still have a long, LONG hill to climb. (Click here to read about precious Carrington and pray for her as well. She is very much in need of intercession.) She came from the same orphanage as our good buddy Dashlyn, and yet she was clearly not cared for. Three years old. 11 lbs. Literally wasting away.

We have a long way to go in this venture to convince the world that our children, ALL children and people have value. Some days, like this past week when these kinds of stories kept popping up, it seemed futile. But nothing is impossible. We must keep working for these kids and every other one who is not treated with the tender care they deserve.

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