Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunny day smiles

We got up. Shower dressed and breakfast. Dropped Braska at school. Now we dance in the kitchen to Glee mash-ups...goooood times.

M took his last personal day today since his last day at the current job is Friday. It is a beeeeaUtiful day and we are enjoying some midweek playtime. THANK YOU GOD!!

We have come a long way and I have to remember to be always aware of our blessings. Loving seeing the sunny day smiles today!


  1. Praising God that you have "come along way"

  2. Sounds great! You said, "his last day at the new job is Friday." Did you mean his last day at the old job is Friday, or his first day at the new job is Friday... or none of the above? ;o)

  3. Funny story- today I was googling the Happy Joes pizza logo for a picture for my blog. There was M's picture of him eating the pizza, it was like the 3rd image. It made me laugh bc how often do you see someone you know on google that you aren't specifically googling? It made me smile!


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