Thursday, March 24, 2011

New discovery of skill

During my last check on the girls before bed tonight, I found that Kinlee had turned herself around and was sleeping the wrong way in her bed. I debated turning her. She sleeps soundly and can transfer pretty well. Unlike her sister.

As I was looking at her with my cell phone for a flashlight, M came in to see how cute she was. I told him I might move her and he said to let her be. I noticed a diaper on her end table of sorts. I thought M might have changed her before bed and not tossed it. As I picked it up, I realized it was dry. Light. Not full. I was confused but M whispered, "She took her diaper off?"

I looked at her, pulled her blanket back to find her little bare buns in there. Her sheets and blanket were wet. So I scooped her up, M stripped the bed and blankets and took them downstairs to start the wash. I put her diaper back on and tucked her into my bed while I made hers.

She is now back in her bed though not pleased at her missing blanket. Lets hope this is a fluke.


  1. i'll keep my fingers crossed...but, from personal experience, once those toddler buns meet the sweet kiss of cool cotton sheets, it becomes a hard habit to break.

    hope that sweet k shares your passion for modesty and all things honorable. life with a rabid exhibitionist is a humbling thing.

  2. We started putting pajamas (one piece fleece zip-ups) on backwards when we got to that stage. Not fun.

  3. sounds like a night in the life of Moise. Pajamas that zip up the back is our only solution. Have Fun!!!

  4. ch--I know you're experience with Miss Nakey Buns... we hope to fare better!

    Cate--That would work except that she will NOT sleep in anything but a diaper. Just will not actually go to sleep unless she's dead tired if she's in any kind of clothes.

    Karol--Moise did that too? Well K's in good company! :o)


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