Friday, November 20, 2009

Scrapping for good

I enjoy digital scrapbooking alot.  That’s how I do the backgrounds, headers, and fun picture alterations, etc.  But it’s even better when I get to do what I enjoy and it benefits someone else.

I’ve mentioned sweet Laynee a few times, and I hope you’ve all been to her blog to see and read about her.  Her smile is more than worth your time, and her mother has a beautiful way of painting pictures that allow you to see her daughter as if she were right next to you. 

This week, I worked with Karol, Laynee’s mom, to come up with a little makeover for her blog to represent Laynee in a special way.  I’m working on a few more now, that highlight different things about her, but she chose this direction first, and I so loved working with it.  It’s humbling to do something so fun on my end that will bring a smile, though possibly including tears as well, to a dear friend that I’ve never met.  Karol, I’m truly honored.  I wish there were a better word, but that’s all I can come up with.  Honored, indeed.


  1. you are so talented. i love all your site designs. and it's so cool to do that for people!

    do have one question...what are some sites that you like. i found a couple free ones i like, but i'm too cheap to buy digiscrap stuff.

  2. Very nice background for Laynee.

  3. And I'm proud of your heart :o)
    Love you!!

  4. I'm still a bit stunned by how you managed to capture the "essence of Laynee" by simpling reading a few blogs about her. Everytime I see those heehee's I hear her excited voice exclaiming over them. When we passed a heehee in the car, she'd nearly erupt from her car seat. Thank you again.


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