Thursday, November 12, 2009

One very precious angel


That beautiful little face has found a home in my mind in a way that few have.  Little precious Laynee.

Jalayne Grace.

A couple months ago, I posted about an accident that I’d read about that day on one of the DS forums.  I didn’t have much info at the time, but I was struck by the story in a way that surprised me a bit.  I remembered the precious face, and it hurt to even think about such a situation happening to this family.   

I never had the chance to know her personally or see her giggle or watch her play with her siblings and cousins, yet I miss her in an almost palpable way. Recently her mother has started a blog to share their story, to talk about her sweet daughter, and to understandably grieve this new emptiness where such a joyful little girl once lived.  I’m riveted by this blog. The honesty with which Karol shares, the pictures of little Laynee—it is not hard to spend time there.  There is obviously sadness and remembering, but there is always a tone of hope.

In these last couple of months, I kept feeling like I wanted to do something, but my words often betray me and I don’t live near enough to be physical, tangible help.  So I’m very honored to have been able to assist with a little blog help, and I’m working on a background/header to properly show Laynee’s love for her family, hee hee’s (horses), moo’s, and bawk bawk’s (chickens), as well as recognizing the family’s deep faith.

Several of you have been praying for this family since we found out about the accident, asking if I’d heard anything, so I asked permission to link to the blog, and Karol graciously agreed.

Take a moment to visit Loving Laynee, read from the beginning, enjoy the adorable pictures filled with smiles and silliness and personality.  I do so deeply wish that I’d have been privileged to know dear Laynee.  She sounds SO much like my Braska, it’s amazing at times. Please continue to pray for this lovely family as they walk such a difficult path.

And once again, be sure to get in an extra hug or two with your little ones today.


  1. Oh that is such a sad story. I am going to hop over to the moms blog. I feel terrible for them.

  2. Thanks for doing that for this family. I just can't take a look yet. Just can't. So sad.

  3. I remember when you posted that story; so very sad and tragic ... my prayers are with her family.

  4. This is Joyce. Oh my how my heart just broke for this dear family. I missed this sadness earlier. You did a very nice job on the blog.


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