Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday night fun, a.k.a. ER trip

Spent the night at the ER with M writhing in pain. I’m exhausted or I’d tell you the whole story.  The short version is that he’s now feeling better thanks to pain meds, he has kidney stones, (One is 5mm!! Several more behind it too.) and the pain will probably return as this all continues on.  Yay.

Overall it wasn’t a bad trip.  I mean, for me.  I read a book and relaxed.  He hard time til the meds kicked in, but then all was ok.  CT scan and all, we were there a little less than 3 hours.  So I missed a Girls Night Out event…no biggie.  There will always be next month.

Let me mention, woefully inadequately, that my friend Julie (Jack’s mom) has just gone above and beyond lately.  She kept the girls this morning while I had Braska’s first of two IEP meetings, shared her yummy sandwiches for lunch, and we dropped them off in a hurried fashion tonight as we went to the ER.  And that’s all in one day!  She has fished me out of more than a few binds in the past few months, and I really appreciate it.  Spread the word, Julie rocks! (And the rest of her family, too. :o)



  1. Glad to hear that everything is okay and that they gave him meds for the pain. Wow you are lucky to have Julie so you can have good back up like that.

  2. Oh my! Hope he gets to feeling better. I've heard they are pretty painful! Get some rest.

  3. Bummer....hope M is feeling better today! Oh that Julie sounds like a great friend, so glad you have her close!

  4. Julie, thanks for loving RK and her family for those of us who aren't close enough.

    Poor Muncher...surely he's got some sort of colostomy coming up, right? I think that's the last on the list of "health conditions I'd rather not have blogged about on the internet". Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

    Love you guys...thinking of you!

    PS...Haven't I read somewhere about a relationship between Dr. Pepper consumption and kidney stones...Almost positive...

  5. Hope M is okay. My hubs had them three times; I thought he was going to die! I'm sure he did too. It's so hard watching someone in that much pain. Will pray they pass quickly.

  6. ugh. my dad can certainly "feel his pain" he has had more than his share of those things.

    Julie sure does rock - so glad you have such a great friend to help you through these things!

  7. Julie: Thanks so much for your emergency (and non-emergency) help. It's times like this that I wish I were not so far away. It's a relief to my mind to know RK has quality friends like you!

  8. Ok so I have been there and done that and had surgery for those.. Tell M to slow down on the Dr. Pepper (Even though I know he LOVES it) and drink LOTS of water.. I have had 8 of them with removal of one and Lithotrips for others that were not on there way out. I feel for you and M because i know what it is like to stay and wait in the ER.. Good luck to you both and let me know if you need anything..I am what people would call an EXPERT:)



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