Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not our best fashion shoot

It went from bad…

To worse… at least for KiKi.

It’s too bad, because they looked so cute in their little matching outfits.  It could have been a quality shoot.  But something upset Kinlee and she was not to be consoled.

This was also the night I tried my hand at making hair bows.  The girls have bunches, but it seems they never have just what I want at the time, and since Braska often needs two, we’re sometimes limited in our choices.  So I bought some things a while back to try it out, make some simple things, but I never got to it.  Then this week as we were getting dressed for an event in the evening, I had nothing for Braska that was just right for her outfit.  So—with 30 minutes til we left the house—I pulled out the bag from Hobby Lobby and grabbed the lavender spool.  I found the hot glue gun in the basement storage and get it heating.  With a quick flip and flop, twist and turn, a bow was assembled, and I stitched it quickly to hold it in place.  Glued to the bare metal barrette and added a little piece on top to hide the work underneath.  Got two done in under 20 minutes and still got out the door (almost) on time.  Not bad for a first try, I think.


  1. CUTE! Poor, poor Kiki! The heartache!

    (You know she's crying because of big, beautiful, purple bow neglect, right?)

    I knew she was a K-Stater the moment I laid eyes on her...

  2. they are so cute!!! i can not believe how long braska's hair is getting. we are going to have to maybe figure something out over the holidays to get together. i was thinking a girls night out!

  3. Super cute, even with the tears!

  4. Great job! More of your natural creativity coming thru :o)
    Looking forward to Thanksgiving with all of you!!

  5. It is still cute. Love the clips in her hair, they are very pretty. She has such long hair..it's perfect for ponytails and all sorts of fun things that you could create. I glad you got time to do it.:)


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