Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mom chop

So I've been struggling with what to do with my hair forever, or at least a few months. I'm home everyday and have fallen into the put-it-up-in-a-scrunchie rut. It's easy and practical, so why not? The husband says he doesn't care at all, so why bother with anything but the simple. Plus it's so long that actually doing something with it took more time than I really ever have. It's so cliche to go from long hair to short after a kid, and I've been trying to hold out, although I'm not sure why.

But no more. This morning Braska and I ventured out to get the job done. I'd been referred to Dee (thanks Dulcy!) so off we went. She was nice, but not too talkative (which is a good thing in my book), and she did a good job interpreting what I was trying to describe. I'm not sure what I really think of it yet, but at least it's different, and will be easier to do when I want to put forth the effort. At least I hope so.

This is immediately before cutting. Pardon the au naturale, makeup free look.

Immediately after cutting.

And this is post a little blow dry and a bit of product at home...maybe 3 minutes work. Even a dab of makeup for kicks.

I'll have to go back soon to do some highlights or something maybe... or maybe not. Depends on how the mood hits me. But for now, at least I accomplished something I've been putting off, and that's something.


  1. Adorable! I am all for easy and cute, especially with a baby and all the time it takes to be a mom! Love you three, Aunt V

  2. I love it!! It is super cute. Have fun getting ready EVERY morning!! Andrea

  3. Dad just told me about your blog. Love the new hairstyle! I may have to get something done to mine. Doubt if it turns out that well...


  4. o.k., so I totally get what you were thinking with the holding out with long hair after your kid is born... you just don't want to look like you did it "just 'cause your a mom"... now with three kiddos if my hair gets long just cause I don't ever have time to get there! :) congrats on the new look it looks great :)

  5. Wow... I appreciate all these kind remarks! It's nice to hear nice things now and then!

  6. Hey! Like the hair!! It's perfect! :)

    I didn't know there was a mommy blog!

  7. lovin' it! karen k

  8. The hair cut looks really cute. I like it.

  9. It looks really good! I like it I like it!


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