Sunday, August 12, 2007


My daughter doesn't want to eat. At least that's all I can figure. She has improved, but it still is very difficult to get her to take anything. She often acts like she wants food. She sucks on her tongue alot. She makes little munching motions and seems to grind her little gums. I can hear her tummy growl and yet she still won't take sustenance. She looks at me like she's trying to tell me, "Don't you see my problem? Can't you fix it?" Yet when I offer her a way to calm her hunger, she won't accept it. She refuses a bottle, which would be the quickest way to a full tummy. I know how she can fill her tummy when its hungry, but she doesn't seem to understand my attempts to communicate it to her. I can't convince her that this is the way to grow and be healthy. This makes me so very frustrated!

So here's the lightbulb over my head from this morning... how many times do I do the same thing with my Father? I have a problem that I want solved. I tell God so many times, "Don't you see my problem? Can't you fix it?" What I realized is that he offers me a solution every time. I often just don't accept it. It's not what I had in mind. It's not the answer I wanted. I have a need, he offers a way to fulfill that need, yet I refuse it. Why do I do it? How frustrated does this make him? He knows what the quickest way to solve my hunger is, yet I refuse what he offers. He is way smarter than me, has more wisdom about the issue, yet I still think I know better. I can't help but wonder what great growth I could accomplish if I could just take what he gives me.

This will be my goal this week, to listen, accept, and act, and see how much healthier I am.


  1. Please let me know if you figure it out. :)

    I keep meaning to write a whole post, but I've been having a tiny bit more luck with soft real food -- like bits of pancakes, meatballs, sweet potatoes. I think she doesn't like the baby food from the jars.

  2. The good thing about God is that he never gives up. He knows we are hungry and just can't figure it out so he devised a little thing called grace. And it was costly, yet for us, it was a real life saver.

    And I know you get frustrated with the little miss, but I have never seen you give up and I watch as you continue to do whatever you need to do to make sure she gets food. And that makes this grandma very proud.

  3. You have pleased Pa Beagle with the wisdom you have posted. See, kids TEACH US A LOT! ;o) With six, I SHOULD know!

    Had been going to Braska Bear but not your blog; I'll need to stop here regularly.

    Love ya,
    Papa Beagle

  4. You speak wise words! Feed on the Word as much as you want Braska to eat real food (forget the baby food:o) Then both of you will be filled. You're a very special daughter. Love you!!

  5. Hugs to you dear friend! I just found your other blog tonight. I understand well your frustration. Praying that you would find peace as you feed on His word. Praying too for your precious daughter as I'm praying for mine - that she would learn to eat!



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