Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Schedule insanity


I know I’m busy.  I know it’s been a little out of hand lately.  I’m cutting back, and I’ve been cancelling things.  I’m letting others do things I’d rather do myself, but it’s just not feasible.

But today I realized that this evening is my only non-booked evening until November 17.  Not one for the next 3 weeks.  And every day in that span also has AT LEAST one event during the day… not counting the normal drop off and pick up from school.  Many evenings are doubly booked, M  will have the girls one place while I host a meeting in another, for example, or back-to-back events, like one for dinner and one following that one.

That’s crazy. And that’s AFTER I’ve thinned out a lot. 

And tonight… what will I do?  Well, I desperately need to hit the grocery shopping circuit. But that may just have to wait.  My house has NEVER been as chaotic as it is right now. Piles everywhere, storage that needs to be stored, tons of things that need to be addressed.  But since I’m running from one thing to the next with quick stops by the house to grab something or change clothes, the disarray continues.

And wow, wouldn’t I love to just kick my feet up.  Oh my, I would.

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