Tuesday, October 16, 2012

But will they bid?

The girls go to a private Christian school (PreK-12), and the school is having their annual dinner/auction this Saturday.  It’s their one big fundraiser, so we’re supporting the event and we’re attending.  (I’m just thrilled there’s no candy, wrapping paper, or popcorn selling required.  HATE doing that stuff!) 

They asked people to donate stuff and I assumed they meant high-dollar stuff, as I’ve heard of some major donations.  Then someone mentioned to me that I should do some bows or something for the auction.  I thought that was a little nuts, because I just do it for fun, for gifts sometimes, and mostly just for my girls.  I really enjoy it, but it’s not so much a money-making situation at all.

But after talking with the coordinator, I agreed to do up a little bundle of bows with a holder.  She said they want things of all values, so it doesn’t come off as only for people who can spend lots of bucks and not for just the average family at the school.

After changing my mind alot, making three separate trips out to the high school to tweak the package a little, I finally got it all done.  And this lovely phone pic is all I have to show. Though I plan to get a better shot at the auction on Saturday, for my own archives.


The bow holder says Believe and has glitter. Cute.  There are 9 bows of varying sizes and styles, including one large-ish “spirit bow” for the school colors, one Mizzou bow (which turned out better than I expected), and a really cute holiday bow that’s a style I hadn’t done before.  It came out well, and I ended up making one for my niece, my girls, and a friend, as well. 

I don’t know if they’ll bid much, but I enjoyed it.  Whatever it goes for will go toward the school we are very big fans of and want to help however we can. Win win!

In order to help them look a little more “professional” and allow for the winning bidder to give them as gifts if they choose, I put together a pseudo-logo really quick to put on the cards attached.


Some will get the little nod, some won’t. (Kind of like my license plate T21 MOM. The ones who do get it like to stop me to chat. That’s fun. Community goodness.)

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  1. I would bid on them and I think others will too! We love bows. Thanks for Arden's bows. I need to learn how to make them.


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