Friday, August 31, 2012

Hangin’ with Whitey

We’re busy. Really busy.  Overbooked.  More than even the normal overbooked.  I hope to get to more details about it all soon. But the time just keeps passing…

But we took the time to let Braska be a little mini-hostess of sorts at a big event for her previous school, where she still goes for private therapy.

Just so happened that Whitey Herzog was there too…


Aren’t we all luau ready?  It was a fun night. And I’m glad for the neat pic. We have an autographed print of it Whitey gave us, too. So nice!

It doesn’t look like it in this pic, but Braska had a blast this whole night. And it was a late one.  The girl was just amazing, charming dollars for the school right out of wallets left and right.

(KiKi was at Grandma C’s for a sleepover. So she had fun, too, don’t worry.)


  1. Looks like a fabulous time - next year!

  2. Randa, you look beautiful...and, of course, Braska is to all!

  3. So I decided to sit down and catch up on some blogs today, and I just have to say RK, you look stunning! Love reading what you all are up to, I usually just lurk through my reader, but today I had to stop in and comment. Hope you all are well:)


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