Saturday, August 11, 2012

Comments: #2 School Transportation

My friend Cate put forth a question to us, her humble readers, and once I started working through the  comment, it made me think I should have just done a post on it myself. 

But I don’t have time right now.

So I’ll just direct you to her post, and share what I wrote, and if you have respectful input on either, then I know I’d like to hear what that would be.

Ok, if what you're asking is what would WE do if it were B, then I'll answer this way... 
**I would for sure not put her on the regular bus. Not a chance.  Maybe in a couple years, but not at this age.
**I might use the minivan service. The car seat thing is huge to me. And it would be independent, if that's what you want, but safer.
**But I would definitely be driving, and I am driving. (Of course that was solidified by my switch to private school, but I had declined bus service even when the plan was the school 15 minutes away.)  There is just something huge to me about the car ride to school and back. And it's a big reason why I make the sacrifices necessary to be available during the day by not working full time.

That's me.  Those are the choices I've made. And you know your kids better than anyone.  Just like with the school situation, where you chose what you felt like was best, go with what you think is right.

Oh, and for the record, if bus is the way you want to go, the "stigma thing" of the little bus is just not a thing for me.  Maybe it'll be something for me in middle school, but for now, it's just not even a thought of mine.  More attention, safer seats, less rowdy kids. Win win win, in my book.

Can't wait to hear how it goes, whatever you choose. And how school goes as well!  Wishing all the best!

Any additional thoughts? If there are any real live people still out there?

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