Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of same school

Pre-K4 and Kindergarten. Here they come. They were so excited this morning!

I got up and went for a very early walk/run in the dark. I prayed for them to have a great year and for protection,  as we have been doing many times a day. I got my shower and get-ready routine out of the way before trying to gently wake them with the hall light and some household noise. They were up and eating breakfast by 645, and then we dressed and primped and took pics.

We took some pics in front of the house and loaded up. Managed to get on the road by goal time of 745. First day drop off was all new since it's a new private school for us ... Some parents do the drive by drop and some park and join the classes in their areas outside. I took Kinlee to her class area,  where she saw two friends she recently met and was glad to see. She was being all girly with her friends so I took B in to do last bathroom stop before class. We are working on all that as we go.  Another post...

Then we joined B's class when they came in. She found her seat and I snapped a pic and left. They didn't get worried at all.

But after chatting with the principal in the parking lot, I got to the car and melted. Who knew I had that in me...

They are going to have a great year,  I have not one doubt. But wow,  my little girls are so big. I'm really so proud of them both.

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  1. They aren't that big. Like 3 foot nothing.


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