Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to open the pool--or not. (And KiKi flashback.)

It’s 90 in our corner of the St. Louis metro today.  It’s days like this I miss our pool.

It used to be THE place to be.  For friends, for fun, and for cooling off.  Busy every night of the summer and many days all day long.

(Check out that cute little bug in the lower part of the pic… only about 6 months old. Braska Bear, the tiny-er version.)

Right about now, we’d be prepping to go through the arduous process of opening the pool.  It wasn’t glamorous, that part.  But oh so worth it.

Yet with the girls at the age they are now, as much as they love the pool, I’m glad it’s not right out the back door.  For a few reasons.

So I’m kind of glad we no longer have a pool, too.  I’m torn.  But I suppose I’m glad the decision was made for me, so to speak. One day, I hope to have a pool again, though.


And as I was looking back through old posts, thinking about the pool, I came upon this post from 2010… with video of Kinlee chatting a bit. At 17 months.  (Go back a take a quick look! ) Surprising us already.  I should have seen her 3-year-old amazing self coming… 


The girls are in the bath tub. In blue water. Thanks to Laffy Taffy bath fizzies. They’re loving it.  It’s the simple things.

Here’s to a great week!


  1. Wow, you had it much hotter than we did on Sunday. We need rain and we only got a drizzle last night and barely a mist this morning. Pavement is basically dry and ground is still hard as a rock. Love those flashbacks you post:o)

  2. The good old days. Curt and I were just talking about you guys the other day. How M didn't like to swim, then he loved it. How I literally have never laughed so hard as when we were working on the house and Justin was convinced that dalmatians had uniholes. Who will ever forget the famous game of sinkers and floaters. I think it was Shike who about knocked himself out. I loved the pool, but I too would not want a pool in my backyard at this stage of the game. Miss you guys. Hi to the girls. Now that I have signed your yearbook I will say good day.


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