Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Testing Blogger's Android App. Live Writer rocks!

(ETA: I didn’t clarify initially… Android app is for phone obviously. And Live Writer is for PC. I shouldn’t have mashed up all the comments.  Blogger has made changes to the online version of their interface, and I’ve yet to hear anyone who thinks even slightly favorably about it.)

I'm skeptical, I admit. But for kicks, I'll toss up a pic of my bugs at dance class this past Saturday. (ETA:  I didn’t like it. The pic was horrible in translation. Very poor. So there ya go.  And I’m changing the pic now…. using Windows Live Writer, of course!)


And by the way, for all my buds that have been complaining about Blogger's new (online) interface, I agree... But I never use it, so life is good. Download Windows Live Writer and your editing and posting will suddenly make you smile again!!

And I'm just a fan, not a paid endorser. But give me drag and drop photos with the simplest resizing, offline post compilation capabilities, and the easiest watermarking and I'm all giddy inside. Geek that I am. (Wannabe, that is.)

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  1. Okay, I'm confused. Is Windows Live Writer for use on my PC/laptop, or on my phone/tablet? I didn't realize Blogger was doing anything different, either, but people have suddenly started talking about it. I haven't noticed anything different. Maybe it's just me...LOL


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