Friday, May 18, 2012

One of those days

I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow. I've been busy every night this week, til 11pm a few nights. I've been gone and running every day all day.

Its just been one of those weeks.

But today... Today was supposed to be the catch up day. Today was no school. Today was home all day. Today was laundry and packing and cleaning and more cleaning. That was the plan.

Instead... today I dropped my phone in the toilet.  Thankfully, into clean water.  Today I packed up two very disheveled little girls and hustle to the Verizon store. Today I got a new phone, after much debating in my head. Today I had a lovely visit with a new nutritionist. Today I worked for 90 mins on someone else's resume.

These lists don't match up. I went to work tonight after trying hard to find someone to cover for me. It was not the productive day I had hoped for. I was frustrated a lot, and often, and easily.  But I made it through.

I'm still not ready. The house won't be clean like I would prefer when I leave.  My handy house/ dog sitter won't have it as nice. But that's ok. I hope.


  1. IT will all still be there when you get home. Don't sweat it, have a great trip.

  2. I hope it's a fun trip & that you get to relax.


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