Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sassy Y lassie

It’s become kind of a weird little thing… the members comments on my hair when I’m working.  I find it beyond strange that so many people even notice my hair on a given evening.   But they do.

When I wear my hair down—which I do NOT like to do—it is like I dressed for prom or something.  Men, women, teens, little kids… they all have to stop to tell me how much they like when I wear my hair down.  Every time.  It just makes me shake my head.

Here’s a snap at work that someone took one night that it was supposedly “smokin’.”

But today, as I whipped up a 3-minute ‘do this morning that kind of slowly unraveled through the day, by the time I got to work at 5pm, it was nothing I thought was all that celebration-worthy, but the rush of the afternoon didn’t really allow for adjustments. 

I was apparently wrong.  Adjustments were not needed. The hubs mentioned before I left home that he liked it, which is rare, so that was nice.  Then when I got to work, it started immediately.  “What a great look for you!”  “Your hair is so cute tonight.”  “I wish I could do those cute styles, it’s adorable.” 

Granted, I am the first face and the last face you see as you enter and exit the building.  But you’d think with iPods playing in ears and workout gear to carry and kids with post-swimming hair dripping they would not have the means to notice the hair on the girl at the front desk.  Even if I DID actually attempt to make it that noticeable!

But it was a hit.  And I bet I can’t even do it again if I try.  It was one of those freak hair events, I guess.  But oh well…  someone decided I needed to strike a sassy-face pose, which is funny, because this is not a face I’d actually be wearing while at work.  It’s all about smiling time, big greetings for the members, calling them all by name (which I’m famous for and that one I’m proud of. more than the hair thing.)

So I give you me as the Sassy Y Lassie…  doing the “Pocahontas braid”. Didn’t know there was a name for this.


Gosh. Whatever.  I’m thankful for the encouragement, but it’s just still a tad strange.  I mean, I look at that picture and see a very odd look on someone whose hair is clearly falling out of it’s intended place. 

Guess I’m glad that these lovely members are so gracious. And I’ll just go with it.  It could obviously be much worse! 


  1. RK, have you SEEN some of the styles on young people these days. The messy, look is definitely in. I think the braid is pretty cute. Hope your day is fabulous. I get to see my Jamee girl today. YAYAYYYY. Dancin' a happy jig

  2. I love the braid!!! This post is so funny - it's the days when I think my hair looks like crap (dirty, out of place, whatever) that people say it looks good. LOL Can't win. :-)

  3. Why all the wonderment? You're beautiful & you do have FABULOUS hair.

    I guess the constant comments might be odd though? Why not just say hi & talk about the weather? :)


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