Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morning of Yes with a dash of No thanks

This morning we dropped Braska at school and I had planned on going home to attack what has become a disturbingly messy house. (Like for real bothering me, dirty, beyond just regular kind of messy. I don't like it one bit.)

But Kinlee wanted to "go somewhere" as she often does. It was so gorgeous out, and sunny, 60, seemed wrong to be inside. So I said, "Yes, we can go play." We headed nearby to a favorite park with a great playground. Though she was bummed it was empty, and I was plain shocked that there was no one there, she had a great time running around, climbing, and swinging.

She saw the bridge nearby that leads around to another part of the park, with ponds and gazebos and trails of flowers. So I said, "Yes, we can go on the bridge." And we walked for a while, she ran ahead, and we looked at geese and flowers and enjoyed the breeze.

Kinlee wanted to go over by the waterfall, so we did. And she asked if she could climb down and "touch the pond" which would normally be a No from me. But I said, "Sure, just hold my hand so you don't fall."

As we walked back around to the playground, she said, "I miss Braska." It was kind of sweet. Her big sis really is her BFF.

She played a while more, but was SO excited to see a couple of little girls coming over to play. She ran around with the older one, while grandpa pushed the other in a swing.  They ran and played like crazy. KiKi is not a loner at all. She loves having buddies.

I was so impressed at how many times I heard "oh, excuse me" or "are you ok?" when her buddy tripped.  She made me so proud when she refrained from going up the slide the wrong way when her friend did, running around to the appropriate entry.  Twice.

Some other little ones arrived, much younger, and I warned KiKi to be careful.  Her friend had some less than thoughtful interactions, but Kinlee stayed right on what she knew was expected of her. She behaved so very well.  I was really glad to see it in the midst of crazy playground fun time.

So when I finally said it was time to go, and she obeyed nicely by saying goodbye to her playmate and walking to the car, I said,"Sure!" when she asked if she could have a snack.  I praised her for her behavior, pointing out when she made right choices even when her friend did not. She was so pleased to know she did well.

And the biggest Yes of the day, even without being asked (because this never happens so she wouldn't think of it) was to take her to DQ and let her pick a mini blizzard for a special treat.  She chose what she wanted, which happens to be my fave mint oreo, and we sat outside and she enjoyed it.  For about 6 bites. As is her norm with sweets since she is rarely allowed them. And when she then asked if she could be done, I said "Yes, if you are full of ice cream." She said I could have the rest.  Enter the "no thanks" moment of the day.  Much as I would love it. Much as it killed me to drop an almost full mini blizzard in the trash, I succeeded in refraining completely.

Then we got in the car and headed home. Out of time for much cleaning, unable to accomplish many tasks before pickup, but with a satisfied little girl. At least for a few minutes.

I need to learn balance my no tendencies with my yes moments. Today was a good blend. Proper behavior was not lost for the sake of silly fun. Ice cream was enjoyed in moderation by choice. Win-win.

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  1. What a gorgeous day. And even more gorgeous girl - look at those baby blues!


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