Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo Phrustration

Does anyone else have just about NO luck getting the kids to look at the camera?? 

I’m not a fan of pictures with me in them, but I would like to have some with me and the girls, so I try to get them occasionally.  But this is the best one out of about 10 we took.  Is it just *that* hard to look at the camera and smile for like 3 seconds?? 

And it’s not like there was anything on the deck that they were looking at… just avoiding the camera, I think. 

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  1. Feeling your pain here. Kayla is the SAME exact way. She, for some reason, just can NOT look at the camera. And as soon as you do her eyes are quicker than your finger on the button and she's turned her eyes away as soon as you click. We say the same thing, Kayla just LOOK at the CAMERA. LOOK. Right here. See where I am? Look at my finger. Look here. PLEASE! oh my, it's painful. I just am thankful for digital cameras so I can click 50 pictures just to get that ONE. :)


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