Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kinlee: The stats at 3

I took Kinlee to her 3-year check-up on Thursday.  She was not really excited about going.  She doesn’t mind going along when Braska goes, but she is not a fan of being the center of things at the doctor’s office.

She did really well, and we walked out of there with her pediatrician’s favorite description of her, from the first visit we had after she was born.  “Perfect! This pretty girl is perfect!”

First, she stood on the big scale for the first time….
She is 27 lbs. Comes right in at a whopping 12th percentile. (I’ve previously talked about how much stock I put in “typical” growth charts.)

Then it was time for height…
She came in at 36 3/4 inches.  Just about 33rd percentile.

All systems are looking good.  Kinlee got a little upset about getting undressed and having her temperature taken under her arm, of all things…  but Dr. A was good about letting her keep her clothes on until she needed whatever was covered.  (Weird that Kinlee was funny about taking her clothes off…  Miss I Love My Skin generally is happy to run around in her “naked body” with panties only.)

It was kind of surreal to look over the little development sheet they give parents at these routine preventative appointments. 

Does she use 3 to 5 words in a sentence? Um, yeah. Times 5, with verbal variety and proper punctuation.

Does she jump off the floor with both feet? A million times a day. With gusto.

Is she progressing with toilet training? No. Not really progressing. Plateau. She’s kind of had it down for almost a year. Nights and all.

It’s just strange to laugh at the sheet for it’s asking questions she mastered long ago, when I have been often known to laugh at them with Braska because she’s not anywhere near some of the things it’s asking. 

Two kids. So very, VERY different.  In so many ways.  But both pretty awesome.

Oh, and Dr. A asked me how it was that Kinlee was sitting there reading a book while she waited. I told her she was reading at somewhere over a 1st grade level at this point. She didn’t believe it at first.  Then she just asked, “How did you DO that?”  to which I responded, “Without nearly as much effort as you might think.” 

The girl just has it.  She just learns with ease, like lifting a feather. I don’t know that we can take a ton of credit, but yes, we do work on it a lot.  Constantly teaching through each experience during the day. 

It’s nice to take a kid to the doctor and leave with a sticker and “see you in a year.”  She’s a healthy kid.  A smart kid.  A sweet, dramatic, loving kid. 

We’re glad to have her around.


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