Thursday, November 3, 2011

Parenting. The strange moments.

I just ordered this.


And I’m excited about it!!

Then it hit me, that I’m excited about a DVD and CD about using the bathroom.  I mean, it makes total sense for my current station of life, but wow…  I still sometimes get a little taken aback by the things that can bring a thrill in this house these days.

But hey, it goes both ways.  There’s nothing like the two little girls clapping and cheering for me outside (or sometimes inside) the bathroom when they hear the telltale tinkle.  “Good job, Mommy!”  Or Braska’s crack-up line… “That’s a great potty Mommy! Give me five!”

Life is sure funny sometimes.


  1. Those are memory joys -- and blackmail lines later on :o)

  2. Ordered ours this morning! And I got the potty watch that I am so excited about I can't stand it....Sad, right?

  3. Through parenting, God provides more opportunities for productive change and the unexpected growth of one's unselfishness. He also provides a lot of unexpected laughter, too!

  4. Man, it is great to get a high five for just going to the bathroom. Or at least I think it would be, although I've never personally experienced it.

  5. I have joined in the excitement for this video!


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