Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogged myself into a corner

First, thanks Cate for noticing my absence.

When you tell everyone in your real-life world about your blog, you shouldn’t be surprised that there comes a day when it’s hard to blog about what’s happening in life and still keep things socially kosher.  Hmmmmm. Lesson learned.

Things are ok, don’t worry. And none of you IRLs should be paranoid. Just a lot going on in my head… wonderings, musings, thinking, and pondering.  Stuff that needs to be hashed out.  But not here.

When I get time to get back to documenting some of this crazy life that’s flying by, I’ll let ya know.


  1. Take any time you need. Your readers will be back when you come back.

  2. I've done the same thing... sometimes it's better not to "know" your blog readers... at least not locally! LOL


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