Tuesday, November 8, 2011

“Belittled.” Well timed.

I have been having internal battles a little bit. But feeling rotten about feeling rotten about “unworthy” things in the midst of the more important pain of those around me.

Then today, right in my inbox, there’s this…. Belittled. Take a moment and read it. Please.  Then can you do me a favor and tell me if you can relate? Did this hit home with you too?

My favorite part…

The grace of God and of friends in the valley is needed. Counting stars during the long, dark night of our soul is more comforting with others beside us. The first ray of light often is glimpsed by them anyhow. If you are longing for a close companion, pray for one. Perhaps joining a small group, calling an acquaintance for coffee, or helping a neighbor will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (emphasis mine)

No matter what other voices have said, your pain is valid.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this article… It encourages me.

And if you’d like to get that kind of good stuff every day, here’s what you need. I’m looking forward to what comes next…

Proverbs 31: Encouragement for Today


  1. Oh my goodness - this was our topic in our staff meeting today. How interesting. I hope this are going well for you! I may be in STL in a few weeks maybe we can hook up for lunch!

  2. I enjoyed the article very much. I think I have lived in the world of hiding too long to put on a real face. I do not trust the neighbor or the small group, or the friend to really hear what I am saying. Oh, they can hear the edges of the pain, but not the shadows of hurt that are too shameful to present.

    I have presented and represented a life that looks one way. It has satisfied the congregations and the friends as cute, funny, and carole-like. And I have done it long enough that I often believe my own press. So the responsibility is mine and I will count stars on my own.

    That being said, this very issue has given me the desire to be a safe place for my grandkids. A place where what they say and do is never laughed at, it is never belittled, it is always safe to share their life. I plan on doing that until I die.

    Perhaps I veered off topic...but your post stirred something painful inside of me.

  3. Sarah- isn't Gods timing amazing?? And let me know if u do come to town. Maybe we can work something out for lunch!

    Carole- I like the funny cute you but I equally value and enjoy the less smiley you. And I'm thankful that my girls have you as a safe place, for sure.

  4. hey, where are you lately? your blog is quiet. I hope everything's okay.

    I just came by to check in and I read the article. It's hard; it's not like knowing worse stuff is out there makes bad stuff easy.


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