Friday, July 3, 2009

National Insomnia Nights

I love holidays. I like Independence Day. I like grilling parties. I like fireworks. I like to watch them in big displays. I don't even mind a few in the driveway or something. But I'm finding that there is a fuddy-duddy side to me, also known as "mother of 2 small girls who need their sleep." Unfortunately for me, we live in an unincorporated sliver of the county, between two proper suburbs, and the rules here (not that they are abided by) allow for fireworks to be set off until 11pm for 3 nights in a row. Very uncool. Especially because we live in a subdivision with over 600 houses in it, very close together, and apparently at least 500 of them are big fans of late-night fireworks.

It doesn't help that 2 blocks away there is a monstrous fireworks tent selling boatloads of the stuff. Anyone got ideas on where we can go for the next two nights where there might be more sleep available??

Edited to add: It's 12:30am. We've had quiet for about 10 minutes. Thankfully, the girls are asleep. Now it's my turn. Good night, and Happy Birthday America!


  1. I love the town fireworks! I can live without the home displays. We live in an older neighborhood but do have a few teenagers. I am always worried when they start pulling out the bottle rockets. What if one of those suckers lands on my house????

    Hope you get some sleep tonight. You may have the grand finale!!

  2. I kind of hate the fact that they are poppin so late - Delphine is really scared of them!

  3. I'm thankful we're in one of the few states where fireworks are illegal. There are big displays put on by different towns, but backyard fireworks? Not so much.

    Of course, there are always some people who have them, but it's nowhere near as bad as yours sounds.


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