Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me time

I met up with my parents today to trade them my kids for a van.  Ok, so it’s not a complete and permanent trade on the kids side, but the girls are staying with them for the weekend.  The van is mine to keep! Yay!  More on that soon.

So I’m going to be barreling forward with getting this house organized, getting myself organized a little, and just enjoying some quiet time, and hopefully time to do some writing. 

For those of  you who are used to immediate responses to emails and such, make a note that tomorrow you’ll need to call me if you want something right away.  I’m OFF the computer tomorrow, at least during the day.  I will probably be on tomorrow evening.  If you don’t have my phone number but want it, send me an email tonight.  Otherwise, you might need to wait a few hours for a reply.  I know…shock!!!

My goals are these… 
~~To get boxes that are yet to be unpacked since we moved in August of last year dealt with, be it unpacking or just tossing.
~~To organize my little office corner in the basement. I can’t stand having horrible…well, just NO filing system at present.  This is a big project…very big.
~~To organize and store the toys in the girls’ rooms and in the living room so that only some of them are out and we can rotate them occasionally.  There’s just too many options. Braska gets them all out and then ignores most of them.  A few is all that’s necessary. 
~~To CLEAN the kitchen and bathroom.  Not just straighten.  Floor to ceiling.
~~To make a couple useful/fun items for the girls’ rooms that I’ve been meaning to work on.
~~To catch up on updates on the girls for the blogs and my own use in the future.  And to do some picture posting that I’ve been horrible neglecting.
~~To organize the garage better, possibly add a cabinet or something to hold things that don’t need to be in the kitchen. (There’s no room for a junk drawer or closet for utility items.)
~~To rearrange the kitchen cabinets more efficiently and store things I don’t use often in the basement storage area.

And on the intangible side… I want to spend some quality quiet time, several times, in just being still.  Knowing. Remembering.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

I need to be still and know…
…that He is in control. Always.
…that He loves me.  All of me. As I am right now. No matter what. (By the way, that goes for YOU too! Yep, I mean you.)
…that He LONGS to hear from me. All the time.
…that He will always provide what I need.
…that He works everything out for my best. Even when I can’t see how that’s possible.  He will never let me down.

Think I can get it all done??

In the meantime, let me share one more thing.  My friend Jessie had a post today that I really appreciated.  It was honest and… well, I don’t know why it struck me as it did, but I suppose I often think I’m drowning in an inch of water that everyone else seems to not even notice.  So thanks, Jessie.  Thanks for being real. 

Here was my comment: It's good to know you're not perfect... seriously, though, it is nice sometimes to know that others struggle with getting the regular things of life too. Maybe NO ONE does it the way I seem to think MOST do it... maybe we're all just barely staying afloat. Maybe THAT'S the norm, we just are afraid to all admit it. Hmmmmm...


  1. oh my gosh...i'm just worn out from reading your list....i need a break! :) well i hope you get everything you want done, done. and definitely make for some me time!!

  2. I know you can do it!

    Tomorrow I have to pack for a weeks vacation. My kids stayed off tonight and tomorrow I've got to boogie to get it all done!

  3. aw, I'm glad that the post made you feel better RK - I think no mom has it all together and we always need to be suspicious if they do! :0)

    the list is amazing, and you will feel so energized when it's done... thank the good Lord for grandparents that can help us steal away moments like these. Good Luck!


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