Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jumping into Spring

Today we went outside, the girls and I. I strapped Kinlee on in her little backpack-on-the-front thing and carried Braska, too. (I'm on doctor's orders not to carry them when not necessary...ha! So much for helping the back pain that's been nagging me lately.) I put Braska in her tree swing and she kept saying, "Push!!" She's got no fear on the swing, for sure. Then we took a walk around the block with Braska in our new-to-us red Bugaboo Frog stroller, a gift from a friend (Thanks J and S!), and with Kinlee sleeping in her contraption. It was nice to get out, Braska LOVED being out in the breeze, but I was ready to get home by the time we were done.

But nice is it to see 70s and sun?!?

Since I got in the mood, I did a new spring layout tonight, too. Featuring my favorite little cutie blossoms, of course.

If you haven't seen it, check out Braska's blog to see what she decided to "spring" on us tonight!


  1. It is such beautiful weather. I'm thinking the dogs, Bean, D and I will walk after I get home from work.

  2. Glad you and the girls could enjoy the warmth! Nice blog layout, too. Let's get that back healthy!

  3. We just hope the Bugaboo helps out in some way! It's nice someone is getting use out of it! ENJOY THE WEATHER!

    We missed you all at Amber's birthday party.

  4. I loved the weather too but was stuck at work!
    I love your page. I need to get with the progam and learn how to make my own. I can't even figure out the header so go figure!


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