Friday, March 20, 2009

Danger, no speech writer!

This may be a good reason to go back to the policy of not appearing on this kind of show as a sitting President. Braska may "just" be in the Special Olympics some day (which is FINE by me), but she can say "gaffe" already.

Summary (In case you couldn't hear it)
BO: "I bowled a 129"
JL: "That's very good."
BO:" It's like Special Olympics or something."



  1. it's a joke. My gosh. I am sure you have never made an off color joke before. Perhaps even before you had Braska. Oh wait--I forgot that all Christians and Republicans are perfect! LOL

  2. to the above to have the courage to leave a name??? sad

  3. Go away troll. Braska is awesome and so are R&M. I love the Woods and though they need NO ONE to defend them, I'll always get their back way before BO.

    Christians and Republicans are NOT perfect.

    Simple Christian Rules:
    1. There is only One WE consider perfect.
    2. In accepting He was and is perfect we admit we ARE NOT.

  4. This riled me up - and I'm not Republican. UGH.

  5. No one is perfect, but cu the guy a break, I am sure he meant nothing insulting by his comment, God says don't judge, and you shouldn't either, we all make oops comments, as I am sure everyone here has, forgiveness people, forgivness....

  6. Why is it everyone turns something small into a huge deal???? Everyone always ragged about Bush, and now Obama, good God people, let it go this is such a stupid thing to argue over, such a stupid thing. Has anyone ever taken the time to sit back and think we are not just black and white, nor republican or demecrate, we are all just people, people just trying to live our lives to the best we can, don't judge people, carma will get ya if you do...

  7. Just because someone is personally effected by another's "oops comment" does not make the comment any less insensitive or offensive. And being perfect is not the only thing that gives people the place to be hurt by other's comments. Yes we have all had those imperfect moments where we say something insensitive and hurtful to another person. That doesn't make it excusable.

  8. I am almost 100% positive that he meant nothing by it, I have said retarted to people alot, and not meant anything by it, and it was not said to be hurtful, I have also said lots of things I probably shouldn't, that doesn't meant I am a bad person or that I should be freaked out on it, let me ask you all one question, do you give a double look at a black man walking down the street at night and wonder if he is up to something? And don't lie, most of us have, I don't because my half brother is black, but you all should sit back and think about yourselves before passing judgement. Also I didn't hear him trashing the special olymics, did you.....

  9. The only thing RK said was it was a gaffe and wow. How is she doing ANYTHING more than pointing out that it was >>probably<< a mistake.

    She never implied BO has an evil heart or that he has no respect for those who participate in the Special Olympics. Anyone who believes that needs to stop drinking the cool aid.

    Black/White/Christian/Republican/Democrat has nothing to do with it so stop it. It is very childish.

    And no I don't see a black man on the street and wonder what he is doing, I see all people that way.
    Evil does not reside in a skin color. Thinking any other way would imply ignorance.

  10. I agree, anonymous, I truly think you are not clearly seeing the point here, you need to relax and not be so hateful, wow, there is a lot of angree going on here, and it is not nessasary.

  11. Pretty funny that me, anonymous comment maker #1 only posted the first comment. Anonymous #2 went all for it! You know, I DO get the point. Just having known you for a brief while, perhaps you could be a little more kind with the judgements as anonymous #2 pointed out. Everyone is fighting a battle and we all need to be more forgiving especially when we claim to be a representative of Christ. I agree that when a situation affects you directly it suddenly becomes more personal and we have all been teased. As an African American, I am sure BO understands that. Let's turn you into to DCFS for locking your kids in the car because maybe it was subconcious, that's ridiculous. Have a great weekend!

  12. Good thing it did not come out of Bush's mouth or the Dems would be all over this like stink on poop.
    Sincerely, from a Mom of a child with Down syndrome

  13. While he may not have meant to hurt anyone with his comment, he did, that is the point. People really need to think before they speak--especially if they are President of the United States--appearing on a popular, network, nationally broadcast tv program.

  14. As Jason already said, this is not an issue of race, political party, or religion. What's driving me nuts about this (besides those who hide behind the anonymity of the internet) are the Dems who want to let it slide and slam the Repubs for looking for a way to trash the president. I'm tired of the Repubs who are slamming the Dems and calling Obama out as the worst person in the world. People, what he said was NOT ok but this is a human issue. I am watching to see how he makes amends beyond the WH statement and apology call to Mr. Shriver.
    ---Jen (flaming liberal Dem and utterly disappointed mom of a child with special needs)

    RK, your posts are not popping up on my Reader today. Love ya!

  15. Wow I was just browsing along my Fav blogs on a peaceful Sunday morning and stumbled upon THIS! I think your missing the point anonymous #1 and #2 and however many of you there are. Good grief! Why on earth would someone come here and be so rude. This is RK's blog where she shares her thoughts,feelings and lets not forget her wonderful self. I don't get it. When did a persons blog become a debate forum. If you want to share your views why don't you get your own blog. Wow that's an idea. Then you can reveal who you really are maybe. I hope you both read the link RK left in her newest post and open your hearts and minds a bit more. If not why don't you go somewhere else and be miserable! I'd like to know how you can come here make these types of non supportive comments then lecture about God and being representatives of Christ all in the same sentence.


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