Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feed them and they will grow

Ok, so this might be so not exciting to most people on the planet, but my kids are gaining weight. In our house, that's SOMETHING!

When the girls were weighed on Friday, Kinlee was 9 lb 3 oz. Less than 5 weeks old, born at 7 lb 6 oz. What?!? How does that happen? Maybe that's normal to some people, but not for us. I weighed her THREE times just to be sure it was right. I can't believe she's gaining that fast. Braska was at least 2 months, closer to 3 when she got there. She was 11 lbs at her surgery at 3 months after us stuffing her with tube feeds. Then she was back to 10 lbs at 4 months, 15 lbs at 12 months.Which brings us to the next bit of info....

Braska was 22 lb 1 oz!!!!! That's crazy! This from the girl who gained only 4 lbs between her first and second birthdays. 3 months ago she was just shy of 20 lbs, now she's over 22?

I suppose it's about the intake...go figure. Kinlee is eating like a champ, though I didn't think nearly enough to gain that much. And Braska has still been eating her few tablespoons of food a couple times a day, in addition, of course, to her regular tube feeds of Pediasure. But her few tablespoons add up to some decent calories, sometimes 30% more calories in a day, so it's making a difference!

Crazy. Just amazing. But we'll take it.


  1. this, of course, is WONDERFUL news!

  2. that is so awesome - you've got great healthy girls there!

  3. That is just great news.

  4. Great news!! It is going to be interesting reading your journey because you have not had "typical" Chase is my first so I had a frame of reference. :) Glad to read this!

  5. So Awesome! WTG, Rk you're doing a great job!

  6. Good stuff! So glad those girls are growing well. I wish I knew your trick!

  7. That's great! Glad to hear they are both doing so well.

  8. Terrific growth! That's got to make you feel good about how your adjustment to two is going. They are both flourishing!

  9. Hi...just came across your blog. My name is Cathy. I have a beautiful daughter named Lily who has Ds and is 10 months old...almost :) I can totally relate to the weight thing. She was a whopping 4 lbs, 13 ounces at birth and we've worked hard to reach 13 lbs., 15 ounces at our last check-up.

    As I was reading your lastest blog entries...ok, looking at the pictures first...I thought, hmmmmm, that kind of looks like the Galleria in St. Louis (where I used to work). Then I read the beautiful post about the day of your daughter's surgery at Cardinal Glennon (been there done that by the way).

    It doesn't take much to get me excited, but anything "from home" makes me smile. I grew up in Red Bud, IL...about 35 miles from downtown St. Louis. I now live near Chicago, but still refer to the St. Louis area as God's country :)

    I look forward to learning more about your family.


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