Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sleep, I miss you

Braska's been running a fever the last few days, on and off, but getting up to 100.4, which is way more than she's ever run for teething. She seems to be ok for the most part, a little snotty, but just a tad, and sometimes clingy, but also minimal. The problem lies in the sleeping, or lack of, that she's doing.

Generally, she's a peach in the sleeping department. When it's time, we say our "night nights" or thank you prayers for our blessings and ask for good things for those around us and far away, then when I say "Amen," she dives for the bed. This is the routine at naps and night. But the last few nights, she's been not wanting to go to bed, fussing (in a pathetic hoarse voice) and waking up numerous times just screaming. Last night she ended up in our bed, which is a big no-no in my book, largely because I can't sleep a stitch if she's in there. And that was the case. When we tried to put her back to bed after she fell asleep, it never lasted.

Today she did nap for a while, and I snuck one too during that time, but tonight's not looking to be any better. Big bummer. I'm not feeling great myself...scratchy throat and such. I just want to sleep all night. It's not gonna happen, I can feel it.

And, as if on cue, she just woke up crying again... and it begins.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that RK - its not fun when sleep is getting interrupted and you can't figure out why - we're kind of going through the same thing with Avery, but he doesn't have the temp...hope relief comes very soon.

    could it be seasonal allergies? tried benedryl? - just a thought.

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! That benedryl idea Jessie poated may not be a bad idea and add some Tylenol, too! It may be a new toofer trying to pop through.

  3. oops that was supposed to say "posted" not "poated"

  4. Ugh! Sorry to hear that. I hope Braska's feeling better soon & everyone can get some sleep.

  5. If it's the teeth, which I suspect, stay with the tylenol, and bendryl won't hurt. Put some salt on your finger and rub her gums to help keep them disinfected. See if M will take her out after work and let you catch a nap. This, too, will pass...

    If things get too rough, you can always use the Grammy-phone for relief :o)

  6. how sweet that your mom is there to help.
    I used Hyland's teething tablets and they seemed to help and were safe.

  7. I don't want to alarm you, but it doesn't get much better. Even as they get older you still lose sleep.

  8. Oh man! I hope she isn't getting sick! Do you think the move could have thrown her off?! I hope she gets better soon!!

  9. Oh I'm sorry. Not getting sleep is rough. I hope she's back to herself, and you manage to get some sleep very soon!

  10. Yuck. I hate no sleep.

    I bet it's the teeth...Evan sleeps fine unless he's got a tooth coming in...then he thrashes and cries all night, just like Braska. We dope him up on Tylenol and teething tablets which seems to help.

    Hope you guys can catch some winks tonight.


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